Types of Bonuses by Promotion Codes

In the internet, you will find a lot of online betting websites offering promotional codes, luring you into their virtual doorsteps with promises of bonuses and money which will lead to your success in the industry.


The very first type of a promotion code is one that you enter into a slot machine. In the opening page, you can input a series of numbers and characters, and if you entered a correct one, you have the privilege of some perks, such as $5 extra or 150% deposit bonus. The extra cash will be added automatically to your funds and you can use it to spin the slots, while the percentage of bonus is according to the money you put into the slot machine the first time.


In the present day you can get your hands on promotion codes through scratch cards that are being handed out during a promotion, or by looking up the abundant codes online. After scratching the card with a coin, you will see a code that gives the effect stated in said card when you enter it into your computer. You can receive more when you are a first-timer on the site or have been a member for a long time. These codes come as a surprise waiting in your inbox. This is mainly a mean of promotion because you are given a free try on an activity that is bound to get you hooked. The computer program will check if the code you have is genuine or whether you are indeed a new member before rewarding you.


The level of promotion code you get depends on its type. A public code is available to everyone who knows it. It is widely used and usually does not give much. An example is a $5 code that can only be used once per user. A private code is available for a certain set of people with at least a similarity among them. For example, the customers staying in a hotel will receive codes they can use in the casino. Lastly we have the restricted code, it is a unique set that is specifically meant for one person only. It is usually sent to the email of a user during his/her birthday or when there is a milestone of the user’s time in the site, e.g. as a reward for the loyal user of 3 years.


There is a number of bonuses that one can receive through a promo code. The 50% match bonus will add half of your initial deposit into the total. Some will award extra if you deposit at least an amount of money, say $5 for every $20 you buy. There is also the sticky bonus. It works the same way as a no deposit bonus in that it gives you credits to start playing without having to spend any. However, after you go through the requirements that allow you to withdraw money, you can only withdraw the amount left after being deduced by the amount rewarded to you- just like a loan without interest.